Being an Actress in Reality

I am an actress.

That’s a sentence that I really had to get used to saying. I used to despise saying it. It always arised some overly exhausting responses, like “Oh my god! Really? Are you on TV? Movies? Do you know Brad Pitt?” or “WOW….. but what’s your real job?” (Insert eye roll here).

Yes, I am an actress. It’s my only job and I make a pretty decent living doing just that. Oh, and unfortunately I don’t know Brad Pitt.

I myself specialize (and have a Bachelor Degree) in Musical Theater. So I act, sing and dance on stage. I bet your picturing sequins, feathers, high heels, standing ovations, and kick lines right now… Well, you’re picturing it correctly. That is very much my life. However, it is not as glamours as it seems.

Don’t get me wrong, I am incredibly lucky to be living my passion. To be working a job that I love and to be able to live off my hobby. I DO love my life. However, sometimes I wish I could bring people into the backstage of my life. I wish people could see the blood, sweat, and many tears that go into this lifestyle.


The long days of rehearsals, the long nights of learning lines, the travel from audition to audition (that you HAVE to go to even if you don’t have the money, cause that particular job could be your next source of income), THE auditions themselves, the rejections, the judgment, the self-criticism, the perfectionism, the self doubt, the worry, the insecurities, the uncertainty, the comparisons, the not knowing if or when your next job will be…. and yet, I wouldn’t change it for the world. How insane is that? I couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to do anything else in this life.

I can’t even describe it. The feeling of being on stage. It’s truly an experience that is out of this world. To be able to manipulate your own emotions and become someone else. To think like someone else. To put yourself into someone else’s mind and understand what motivates them. What makes them tick. To be on their side completely, whether they’re good or bad. I feel like you have to have that curiosity about the human brain to do this job. That is literally what I focus on for the majority of my life. What makes humans tick? Why do they do the things they do? Why are they the way they are… and what influences made them that way?


Dear Reader, I’m going to stop here for now and hope I have intrigued you enough to want to learn about the backstage of an actresses life. It’s been quite a crazy journey so far!




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